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Beef cattle in sunny pasture

Our goal is to give our animals the best life they can have, and provide a quality product to those who want to know where and how their food was produced. 


Five Star Farm originated when our family moved to our current farm in Oakville, Washington in 1979.  We moved our herd of registered Guernsey dairy cows from Silverdale to their new 118 acre farm in Grays Harbor County. They joined the herd of Holsteins that were already on this farm, and because we no longer had a view of the mountains we needed to find a new name for our farm.  We were a family farm with everyone, including our three children Zena, Jerome and Jason, taking a part in the duties and chores to make the farm run. Our golden Guernsey cows were the stars and we were the five that made it all work, thus the name of Five Star Farm.

We dairy farmed until 1998 when we changed over to raising dairy replacement heifers, grass hay and silage.  We used the neighbors black beef bulls to bred the heifers and many of the farmers we sold them too let us keep the beef cross calves; our beef herd had begun! We received organic certification in 2006 (Certification #1625) from the WSDA.  We no longer raise dairy replacement heifers and have increased our beef herd to about 35 head of cattle including last fall’s calves, yearlings and our brood cows.  We only sell the steers and keep the heifers to increase our herd.








Our cattle spend their summers on green, lush irrigated pasture for about 6 months of the year.  They always have some dry hay available, and of course clean water, salt and minerals. During the winter the cows are housed in a free stall barn with silage and or hay available at all times. Our wet weather conditions here in Grays Harbor make a nice dry place to stay a must! If the mothers cows do not self-wean by the time the calves are about 10 months old we will fence line wean.  Because of our very wet springs we have changed to fall calving, so the calves can be born out in the clean pastures. It was so much fun last year to watch the baby beef calves run and play!  

Our animals never receive any grain, hormones or antibiotics.  If an animal needs veterinarian treatment we would follow our approved organic plan and procedures.  Our goal is to give our critters the best life they can have before they take their place in the cycle of life, and to provide a quality product to those that want to know where and how their food was produced. You are welcome to come visit our farm and choose your animal; pictures are also available.  Please call first! 

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