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The Beef is... growing!


Last year we had 23 baby calves; 13 baby boys and 10 lovely girls. Those boys, now all steers, are growing nicely and some will be available for processing in 2022...some a bit later. The lovely girls will be raised and will replace some of our older mama cows as they retire from having calves. 

Our cows are out standing in the organic fields where they eat green grass that is irrigated and get rotated from field to field as  appropriate. All of our critters, mamas babies and yearlings will eat hay and haylage (big round bales) in the winter. They never have grain, hormones or pesticides ; but they do get their vaccinations that keep them healthy :)








Five Star Farm originated when our family moved to our current farm in Oakville, Washington in 1979. We were a family farm with everyone, including our three children taking a part in making the farm run. We dairy farmed until 1998, then began the transition to a beef herd. We received organic certification from the WSDA in 2006. Now with OTCO.

Our “Box of Beef” project has
been quite popular; it gives
you some flexibility for choices
and you don’t need a huge
freezer.  Unfortunately we are
not able to do those right now
because we are out of critters
to butcher. If you have already
ordered, we have enough for
you…but not for friends,
neighbors or relatives…we
never know when we may have
a critter that needs to go for
some reason.  We will do our
best to post on the website
when that option is available
again. Thank you to all that
have used this option, it makes
our beef available to more
folks  :)


The animals you purchase from Five Star Farms are sold as live animals, and you will pay by the "hanging weight" after they have been butchered. Our beef is sold by the whole or half of beef. If you wish to split a beef with a group, one person will be the contact for us. 

The price of the beef currently is $4 per pound measured by hanging weight. The animals should weigh approximately 350 pounds per half, +/- 50 pounds. Standard cut and wrap is NOT included in this price. Cutting and wrapping costs depend on the weight of the animal and the processes you would like, and range from 90 cents and up per pound of hanging weight, depends on the butcher and the way you have it cut.... You can purchase additional custom procedures on your own, such as pepperoni, gourmet cuts, etc. 

There is approximately 35% loss between hanging weight and packaged beef received. The actual loss depends on how the customer has their beef cut and wrapped. The packaged weight will be less if a lot of boneless cuts are ordered, such as New York Steaks, fillets, rib eyes and boneless roasts. 

Ordering Procedure ( It may be easier to just contact us below and we will get you the information :)


  • Fill out the form, and return to Five Star Farms. A deposit  is required to secure the order and schedule the butcher. 

  • We are currently working with several local butcher shops. We will arrange for the butchering and transportation expenses. 

  • Let us know if you want the liver, heart, oxtail, etc. before the animal is butchered. There is an additional processing fee for the heart, tongue and tail $10 Liver $20. (those costs have also gone up also, sorry.)

  • You should contact the butcher with your cutting instructions as soon as possible, we will give them your contact information as well. They will tell you the hanging weight at that time. If no instructions are provided, you will receive "standard cuts" of beef.

  • Either mail a check to Five Star Farms for the final payment for the beef or make arrangements for payment.  

  • Please pick up your beef from as soon as possible after they call to let you know the beef is ready. 

  • Enjoy!

Please contact us with any questions: (360) 273-7313 or




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