Red barn in snow
Red barn in snow

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Tractor and baler in pasture
Tractor and baler in pasture

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The Beef is Back!


We have certified organic, grass fed/finished USDA 

inspected and processed beef available!


Our "Box" of beef is Back! These are priced at $10 per pound.  This is an example of what you may have in your Box of Beef:

This example would be

about 30 pounds.  

(Each steak package has 2 steaks)

  • 1   Top Sirloin Steak           

  • 2   New York Steak

  • 2  Tenderloin steaks

  • 2  Rib Steak

  • 1  Chuck Roast (3-4 Ib.)

  • 4  Stew Meat

  • 12 Ground Beef (1 lb)

More choices  include:

Short Ribs, Osso Bucco, 

Marrow Bones, Knuckle Bones,

Soup bones

You can mix it up a bit, only 1, okay you might talk me into 2 ..of these Limited Supply items:

Sirloin Tip Steak, Flat Iron Steak, Tri Tip Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast, Flank Steak, Brisket.

And wait, there is more!! 

Ground Beef Boxes are available at $7 per pound





FALL Beef Harvest

We will have VERY limited beef available later this year, the critters are growing nicely out on the grass pastures. But there is still a shortage of butchering options. 

Please send us a message, we do have a waiting list and will do the best we can to get your order filled.  .


Five Star Farm originated when our family moved to our current farm in Oakville, Washington in 1979. We were a family farm with everyone, including our three children taking a part in making the farm run. We dairy farmed until 1998, then began the transition to a beef herd. We received organic certification from the WSDA in 2006. 


             FALL SALE!!! 


Ground Beef Boxes Available:  $7 per pound.

We can work with you to "design" a box of beef to fit your families choices! This will be from our USDA processed, vacuumed packed, Certified Organic grass fed and finished beef....born and raised on our farm. Email us:

Also we are able to take a  limited few  orders for our organic sides and quarters, the beef are growing!